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Our Team

The most exiting part of our growth is our talented team that makes it all happen. NOAS not only offer continuous career opportunities to our staff but also the training and benefits that foster fulfilling employment.

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About Noas Products (Pvt) Ltd

Snack of First Choice

Noas Snacking Story goes back to 1989. This venture, which started as a small home-based business, has been steadily growing. Hard work, innovation and responsiveness to customer needs have been a cornerstone for our success. We take pride in our team who share the core values of the company.

We, at Noas, have people in mind first and foremost. Over the years, our products ranging from Devilled Cashew Nuts and Hot Bites to Spicy Kokis and Lotus Root and Seafood Sambol has added joy to many social gatherings. They are even a wonderful accompaniment during solitary relaxing moments.

Our products focus not just on fun, but importantly on the health benefits of snacking as well. That is why we at NOAS prepare nutritious snacks that are free from any preservatives and artificial additives and follow a rigorous safe manufacturing and packing process. Our range of products can be found in all supermarket chains, hotels and some selected stores.

As we continuing to grow, we take pride in providing a quality and caring service to our customers.

Our Mission

Committed to foster wholesome, healthy and flourishing lifestyles among people by being the "snack of first choice" in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

  • Provide high quality, nutritious and highly palatable food at an affordable price to all our customers.
  • Help people to create happy, inspiring, enjoyable moments and memories that last forever.
  • Continuously improve and diversify our product range to cater to varying tastes and circumstances of our customers.
  • Invest in our employees to ensure the sustainable growth of our company.
  • Our Core Values

  • Authencity
  • Dedication
  • Caring
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • People About Us

    “The dinner table is a special place where everyone’s family. It’s where good food and company matter, where we gather to talk about things both big and small.”

    Lacey Johnson, San Francisco, CA

    “We’ve been Lettuce customers for a few years now! The veggies, fruit, cheese, bread, eggs, and mushrooms I receive are insanely delicious and very affordable. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

    Jeffrey Collins, New York, NY

    “This online store has exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and the outstanding quality! Great selection of fruits, vegetables, and other organic products.”

    Samantha Willams, St. Louis, MO

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